(十文字 一輝 Jūmonji Kazuki) Jumonji is the apparent leader of the group. In some of the episodes including the NASA Aliens game and the Death March, we see him as a leader who urges the other two to follow. He sports an X-shaped scar on his right cheek, which was originally supposed to be used to get Kurita arrested. He is also the only one of the three to figure out that Sena was actually Eyeshield 21. He seems to be the most thoughtful (in a sort of positive way). He always seems to keep the three-some (includes him) together, and is considered the "eldest brother" of the three. He gets fired up a lot. He is also the only one so far of the three to score touchdown, and probably the only one in Deimon Devilbats who has scored touchdowns from defense aside from Sena. The first is one scored when Sena caused a fumble against the Nagas and Juumonji took the ball and scored a touchdown. This in itself is a near-miracle, since his position almost NEVER handles the ball, still , after being fueled by flashbacks of Sena's determination and devotion in the football field (along with the fact that Jūmonji more accostomed to direct injury long before he joined the Devil Bats),he managed to get across the goal line, dragging Agon along with him. The second time happened when Kurita crushed Marco; he caught a fumbled ball and unexpectedly scored a counter touchdown from defense. He is also the first to really become serious about football, occasionally sympathizing with Sena and vowing to become a better lineman in order to assist him. Juumonji also has an uneasy relationship with his father, since his father is always telling him not to associate himself with his friends, who he puts down as "trash" (like Agon does). During the match with Ojou, Jumonji takes the fullback position to assist Sena in his run. It is revealed that Juumonji is one of the smartest on the team- in an omake where the intelligences of the Devil Bats were compared, he ranked above everyone but Hiruma, Mamori, and Yukimitsu. (Musashi was not included.)

The show also implies that he is the most likely candidate for team captain when the founding members of Devil Bats graduate, effectively huddling the junior members together without their help.

Musashi has commented that Juumonji is 'the same kind of guy as him', in terms of attitude (stoic and samurai-esque). Juumonji and Musashi tend to react the same way to outrageous incidents- that is to say, with a deadpan or a reality check.

In the anime only, he suffers from acrophobia, a problem which Doburoku admits that not even finishing the Death March can fix.

His last name means "cross" most likely a reference to the scar on his cheek. It is possible the scar itself is hereditary as his father has the same scar on his forehead. But this is probably a coincidence as he is shown without the scar several times in chapter 1 of the manga.

In last play to score two-point conversion against Hakushuu, he became the center so that Kurita can utilize his full strength to face Gaou. He also seems to have a relationship.(Shown in the anime, Mentioned in the manga)

Currently, he's under coaching of Kakei, who gave him all his technique and knowledge to help Sena face the real Eyeshield 21.

In the last chapter 333, Juumonji was revealed in a small panel along with Banba and Ikkyu to be part of the Saikyoudai team which also includes Hiruma, Agon, Akaba, Yamato and Taka.


(黒木 浩二 Kuroki Kōji) Kuroki sports dark hair of medium-length with noticeably longer eyelashes than the other two. He seems to be the most violent, and his usual weapon is his metal bat. He suggests that his specialty is to "Strike only once from behind," and he has claimed himself to be a coward more than once. When playing defense, Kuroki can sometimes play Linebacker. The other two stick to Defensive Line. He seems to be a prodigy at games, whether it be tossing hoops or an arcade game. (In the first book end-of-the-book character introduction, he is shown to be firing a Kikôha as he yells "HUH-DOE-KEN!!!") In the arcade when Deimon does their final prep work for facing Seibu the first time, Kuroki is shown to be furiously button-mashing, and a player comments that he is unexpectedly good at video games. Out of the three, Kuroki is the most hot-headed, and willing to fall back on his streetfighting skills when his lineman skills fail him. Later, as he and the others become more distinguished as individuals, Hiruma gives him his own nickname, 'fish mouth'.

He is surprisingly gifted musically as music is one of the few classes he excels in.

Currently, he is training with Mizumachi for the Christmas Bowl.

In the last chapter 333, Kuroki along with Tagano was seen along with Musashi, Gao, Shien (The Kid), Tetsuma and Onihei making up the (currently) worst team of the semi-pro X-League, The Takekura Construction Babels.


(戸叶 庄三 Toganō Shōzō) Has long spiky blonde hair, and constantly wears orange tinted sunglasses. Can usually be seen reading manga. He seems to be the most quiet of the three. Likes Jump, but puts it aside for a while when going to the United States, saying "Sigh, I guess American comics are alright." Compared to the others, Togano is fairly laid-back, preferring to read his manga, often just going along with what Juumonji and Kuroki want.