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Hi welcome to Eyeshield 21 Wiki.The anime series Eyeshield 21 is based on the manga and aired on TV Tokyo from 2005 to 2008. This anime replaced the Prince of Tennis series after it ended. The eyecatches are trivia questions known as "American Football Clinic" (アメフトクリニック?) asked by Mamori before the commercial break and answered by the Devil Bat. Later on these were replaced by Arima Hayato, a Japanese football player, explaining various techniques pertaining to different aspects of the game.

The series used five opening music pieces. They are Break Through by Coming Century (Episodes 1-35), Innocence by 20th Century (Episodes 36-64), Dang Dang by ZZ (Episodes 65-103), BLAZE LINE... by Back-on (Episodes 104-126), and Honou no Running back by SHORT LEG SUMMER (Episodes 127-144). The final episode did not feature an opening.

There were nine ending music pieces. They are Be Free by Rikkenzu (Episodes 1-13), Blaze Away by TRAX (Episodes 14-35), Goal by Beni Arashiro (Episodes 36-64), Run to Win by Sena, Mamori, Monta, Hiruma (Episodes 65-86, 88-100), Dang Dang by ZZ (Episode 87), A day dreaming... by Back-on (Episodes 101-116), flower by Back-on (Episodes 117-126), Song of Power by SHORT LEG SUMMER (Episodes 127-144), and Innocence by 20th Century (Episode 145).

All the episodes have been released on DVD in 36 volumes in Japanese.

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